“Digital Asia”: Lecture on Queer K-pop Fandom for UCLA Project on “K-pop’s Digital Reach”


The Center for Performance Studies at the University of California Los Angeles, with the generous support of the Korea Foundation, has launched an online learning initiative entitled “Digital Asia: K-pop’s Global Reach” under the direction of leading K-pop researcher Prof. Suk-Young Kim.

The aim of the broader Digital Asia research and online teaching initiative is to consider whether there “might  be a uniquely Asian way, both culturally and technologically, of understanding digital media? This research stream proposes to navigate the most flexible articulations of Asia today, in a humanistic exploration of technology that embraces discussions of the embodied experience, visuality, sound, new forms of sensory expression, and the culturally specific ways technology unfolds in Asia, spanning the period from the end of World War II to the present moment.”

The K-pop’s Global Reach project contains a number of lectures on digital fandom for K-pop, which can be accessed here.

I would like to thank Prof. Kim for inviting me to contribute an online lecture on “Idol Shipping Culture: Exploring Queer Sexuality among Fans of K-Pop” which draws upon my ongoing broader research into the queer potentials of K-pop around the world. You can watch the video below!

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