“Shipping Across the Strai(gh)ts” – Presentation at “Cross-Strait Cultures: Performance, Media, and History,” Columbia Uni (April 30, EST US)

TVXQ shipping Japan
Japanese female fans’ “shipping” of K-pop group TVXQ is one of many queer fan practices I explore in this presentation

On Friday 30 April from 8pm to 10:45pm New York Time (or Saturday, 1 May 2021, 9:00–11:45 AM, Seoul/Tokyo time), I will be joining the “QUEERING THE STRAITS: UNRULY SUBJECTS ACROSS MODERN KOREAN AND JAPANESE STUDIES VIRTUAL WORKSHOP SERIES” organised by Todd Henry and Gregory Pflugfelder at Columbia University.

The upcoming workshop, “CROSS-STRAIT CULTURES: PERFORMANCE, MEDIA, AND HISTORY,” will take place over the weekend of 30 April–2 May 2021. This workshop revolves around the dynamic interaction of performance, media, and history in both popular and public cultures. By considering how the weight of history animates performance and media and how, conversely, popular culture reiterates and repositions history, the workshop seeks to develop new strategies for examining mainstream and fringe cultures on both sides of the Straits. Speakers will explore the citationality of Yŏsŏng Kukkŭk, South Korea’s all-female theater revue of the 1950s and early 1960s; contemporary histories of boys love and K-pop fandom; as well as more recent forms of “digital gender.”

The title of my presentation will be “Shipping Across the Strai(gh)ts: Exploring the Queer Potentials of K-Pop Idol Fandom Between Japan and Korea” and will explore the role of queer K-pop fandom in contouring the relationship between South Korea and Japan. The talk will draw upon some of my prior work on K-pop shipping among Japanese women and the colonial logics of gay Japanese men’s K-pop fandom to paint a picture of contemporary Korea-Japan relations as well as utilise K-pop fandom as an opportunity to theorise gender and sexuality in contemporary Japan.

My fabulous colleague So-Rim Lee will also be presenting alongside me, discussing her research entitled “From Boyfriend to Boys Love: South Korean Male ASMRtists and Digital Gender Norms.” We will also receive dedicated responses from Suk-Young Kim and James Welker.

The full schedule of talks can be found here, as can a link to register (which is required in advance!)

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