New Publication: Chapter in “BL Opening Doors” (ed. J. Welker)


Today, the edited collection BLが開く扉:変容するアジアのセクシュアリティとジェンダー (BL Opening Doors: Sexuality and Gender Transfigured in Asia) has been published by Seidosha. Edited by James Welker, the collection brings together scholars working on the reception and production of Boys Love around Asia with a focus on the impacts of this genre on local or translocal experiences of gender and sexuality. The collection also includes commentaries from the key theorists of BL in Japan, tying the themes and analyses of the collection to ongoing debates in the Japanese context.

One of my own chapters was translated for inclusion in the volume. Entitled 憧れの世界を読み取る: 一時滞在の中国人ゲイに対する「希望のよりどころ」としてのBL (Aspirational reading: temporary Chinese gay migrants and BL as a “resource of hope”), my contribution examines how BL consumption is drawn upon by Mainland Chinese men to make sense of Japan as an emancipatory “gay paradise,” amongst other things. My chapter was translated by the incredibly skilled Asako P. Saito (who also has a chapter in the collection).

There are currently plans to publish an English language version of the collection in the future.

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