Visions of Asia: Public Lecture at Australian Cartoon Museum


Are you interested in comics, videogames, and Asian popular culture? Come join us for an informal evening talk led by researchers in the fields of anthropology, history, media studies, and cultural studies!

Speakers and topics:
Dr. Thomas Baudinette (Macquarie University) – The History of Gay Men’s Comics in Japan

Nathan Gardner (University of Melbourne) – Enter the Dragon to Dragon Rising: Changing Chinese Tropes in Western Videogames

Simon Gough (Monash University) – The Magical Maid of Orleans: Imagining Joan of Arc in Manga

Asako P. Saito (University of Melbourne) – The Eroticisation of Mythological Videogame Characters in East Asia

Please register your attendance with Eventbrite at:

For enquiries, contact Asako P. Saito at

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