[Reblog] Ever growing list of 100% Consensual BL Manga

I recently stumbled across this very interesting list by Feminist Fujoshi. The issue of consent and the fetishisation of rape are important issues in transnational Boys Love fandom, as a number of scholarly articles have made clear (including this great open access resource by Akiko Hori). They also have important ramifications for the queer representational politics of Boys Love, as Akiko Mizoguchi has discussed throughout much of her work.

Image from Hana nomi zo shiru by Takarai Rihito

I am sharing this resource but, much like the original author, I share this with the caveat that I do not intend to “shame” anyone who enjoys the fantasy of rape/violence which is contained within many BL texts. Personally, I have always enjoyed the power play involved in BL (even if, at the same time I recognise its problematic representational politics) and would always strongly remind scholars and consumers to think critically on the important differences between fantasy and reality (once again, something which a lot of scholars have written about in the context of Japanese popular culture fandom. I am specifically thinking about the interesting work of Patrick Galbraith here). Also, as Zahra Stardust (NSFW content) has argued in the Australian context, often such “confronting” themes can be useful resources which challenge patriarchal understandings of sexuality from a feminist perspective.

I’d also like to share some posts from a Tumblr called “The Yaoi Addiction Society” which reflects upon a lot of similar themes, such as consent, safe BDSM and safe sex in general. Many of the posts are very good introductions to the realities of sex between men which Boys Love texts often gloss over. These posts can be access here, here and here.

My thanks to Feminist Fujoshi for allowing me to share this resource.

Exactly what it says on the tin. This list isn’t comprehensive, but it’s growing all the time. For anyone and everyone who’s tired of “your mouth is saying no but your body’s saying yes” and other methods of ~forced seduction~.

This list wasn’t created to shame anyone for what they like, but it is meant to be a useful resource for people who may be triggered by or uncomfortable with the depictions of rape and sexual assault frequently found in BL, as well as anyone else who, for any reason, prefers stories that feature consensual sex.

I didn’t originally compile this list, but the OP would like to remain uncredited. I have read everything on the list and can personally vouch for its accuracy and general awesomeness. If you have any questions or concerns (especially if you’d like a warning added to one of the manga or you catch a slip-up) please shoot me an ask!

Also feel free to submit more titles and I’ll review them and add them on! The criteria can be found here. Enjoy!

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via Ever-Growing List of 100% Consensual BL Manga — Feminist Fujoshi

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