Kono BL ga Yabai 2017

Once again, I am finding myself sharing the excellent reflections of my friend and colleague Khursten Santos and her write-up of the list of BL titles selected by critics as fans as being the most “dangerous” (yabai, which has a sense of being… excuse the language… “fucking good”). Khursten presents a sophisticated reflection on the growing “eroticism” or “pornographic” nature of contemporary BL and I can’t help but reflect upon this from the perspective of my own research.

In a soon to be released article, I have reflected upon how young gay men in Japan are consuming BL texts as a form of pornography and how the masturbatory purposes to which they put such texts are utilised to justify how BL can be considered gay media. It seems that BL is coming into increasing convergence with gay texts (such as gay pornography and geikomi/bara) and I feel this is something we as scholars need to be thinking about. Khursten, in her reflections, rightly points out that some fans/creators of BL are clearly engaging with GV (Japanese gay porn) and we can see the outcome of that in these new “dangerous” titles.

Anyway, please follow the link to Khursten’s writing at Otaku Champloo below! (Khursten’s academic writing can be found here.)

2016 was quite surreal as seemingly impossible things just got real. From the deaths of our cultural heroes to the figure skating anime we never realised we actually needed, 2016 was exceptionally cray. 2016’s BL titles were no exception. The 2017 list of BL’s “dangerous” titles, as selected by Japanese BL readers and critics for Kono…

via The 2017 Dangerous Boys Love (BL) Manga — Otaku Champloo

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